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To be considered for an approval to our Be RAD Cosmetics Wholesale Program please answer the questions below.  Your response to these questions will help us determine your approval and discount price.  Minimum order is 20 lashes for $159.99. Higher discount price requires greater minimum purchase amount. 


  • Can mix and match any of our Be RAD lashes from our website
  • Shipping available worldwide - You are responsible for shipping costs
  • Allow up to 14 days for shipment to be dispatched

To apply please email your answers to the questions below to BeRADcosmetics@gmail.com

Once we review your answers, you will be notified of our decision via email. We will always make sure to answer every single application. 



  1. Do you plan on selling our products online, offline, or both?
  2. If you're selling online, please share your website and social media with us by listing the web addresses and all social media handles.
  3. Are you a Makeup Artist?
  4. What country do you primarily sell in or do you plan to sell in?
  5. How many units are you interested in purchasing?
  6. What styles would you like to purchase and how many per style?
  7. If approved, how soon will you make your first purchase from us?
  8. How often do you think you’ll be purchasing wholesale from us?
  9. How do you plan to pay for your purchase?
  10. How did you hear about us? 
  11. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or any comments.   


All sales are final and we do not accept returns or exchanges. 


Interested in carrying your own lash line?  We offer a Co-Branded Private Label opportunity for Salons, Makeup Artists, and Brands who are looking to carry their very own lashes.  


Quantity | 300 - 600 | 601-1,200 | 1,201 and above |  

Cost          |      50%     |      40%        |              30%             |


To learn more about this opportunity please email BeRADcosmetics@gmail.com