ABOUT Be RAD – BeRADCosmetics
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Be RAD Cosmetics' vision is to give our customers all natural, unique and effective solutions for everyday cosmetic challenges. Being cruelty-free and mindful with the chemicals that we use to beautify ourselves and the long-term impact they have on both ourselves and the environment is very important to us. We strive to provide an experience as RAD and exquisite as possible.

Be RAD is all about living your life as fully and consciously as possible. I wanted to create beautiful, chic and mindful products that allow you to feel more gorgeous while out there on life’s wild journey. A journey where you don’t have to choose between beauty, convenience or what’s the best for you and the environment because we can have it all.

 My name is Andrea Farah, I’m from Miami, Florida, and I am the founder and CEO of Be RAD. I came up with the signature, patent Lash Adhesive Remover after going relentlessly through 5 different pairs of lashes in a span of 3 months.  It occurred to me, not only was it a waste of money and resources, throwing the lashes away after each use, it was wasting my precious time. I found the cleaning to be messy, a hassle and deterred me from wearing lashes. Sigh…

 What kind experience will you have using this product, the big question? It works so well that your Faux Lashes will be adhesive, make up, and germ free in just 2 minutes! I can guarantee you, that throwing away your lashes after just one or a few uses will be a thing of the past.  Cheers to that!


P.S. - Sending a note of gratitude to my inspiring and amazingly RAD branding team, a sister duo and business collab circle, Janell Hanna and Rachael Hanna. Thank you for bringing this brand to life and allowing it to be born. It has been an absolute dream come true to work with such brilliant creators and it's just the beginning of the journey.