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Hey Boss Babes! Let's talk about lash glues...

There are two different kinds to choose from on the market today, there is a squeeze bottle and a brush on applicator. Both give the same results; however, they vary slightly, so it just depends on personal preference. The squeeze bottle will distribute more product at once and there will be more of a build up on your falsies, as opposed to the brush on glue which will give you a thinner amount of product which take a few uses to get a build up of glue on your falsies.


Some people prefer to use a white adhesive on their lashes for a more natural effect, but again it's a matter of personal preference. We've included some great adhesives you can choose from, Duo which is famous for being reliable and affordable, and the tartiest pro which won best of beauty by allure.

So you might be wondering  "How Do I Clean My Lashes?" Well, when using the brush you can apply the glue two or three times before there will be enough build up to use your Be RAD Eyelash Adhesive Remover. If you're using the Squeeze Bottle you'll have lash glue build up on your falsies every time. 
You want to look for that lash glue build up on your faux lashes prior to using your remover, because if there is not enough glue to remove it could potentially break the band of the lash, and the very last thing you'd ever want to do is tarnish your fabulous lashes! 
We want you to get the most use of your lashes that you possibly can, and the best way to do that is to take care of them by gently removing the glue with our amazing all natural lash adhesive remover.
Remember clean lashes, are happy lashes. 



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